We provide our clients with the following scope of professional services:
  • Advice on prevailing market conditions, essentials facts and policies to ensure that the client is able to make the right choices and decision on a certain property
  • Market rate guidelines on shortlisted properties based on latest transaction price references
  • Property inspection coordination and arrangement
  • Compilation of property information (photographs, location maps, floor plans, etc.)
  • Client accompaniment to provide expert opinions and advice on visited property
  • Contractual advice on matters related to terms and conditions stipulated in the Sale/Purchase or Rent/Lease Agreement in the interest of our client
  • Maximization of selling and letting opportunities for our client
  • Negotiation for the most favorable price and terms for our client
  • Clearly defining and ensuring obligations between parties concerned are adhered to in accordance to as stipulated in an Agreement
  • Ensuring that transaction are executed in the fairest and best possible manner in the interests of all parties
  • Indentifying and qualifying the right properties for our clients with the needs and requirement being well taken into account for
  • Strategizing and conceptualizing of ideas for our corporate development clients in the areas of project marketing implementation

Types of Properties that ED BiD Properties handles :
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Land