Tips for Selling Your Home
1. Choose a local Registered Real Estate Agent/Realtor who know their local areas and know the people who make up the community.When you choose to work with Real Estate Agent/Realtor you benefit from all the advantages offered by a fully networked real estate group, and receive the individual attention and responsibility provided by a privately owned, local business.Should you choose not to work with Real estate Agents, ensure that you have done your research on your Agent.

2. At ED BiD,we will help you choose the best way to sell your home. To successfully sell a home it's important to have a sound knowledge of the local real estate market. We'll help you decide on a realistic value for your home, based on actual market activity in your area and we'll guide you through the preparation for presentation to the market. We'll work with you to plan the best mix of marketing activity to attract buyers to your home.Our data base,Signs,Internet links,office displays, press,all help to sell your home.

3. We'll help you customize your own marketing plan.You'll be shown marketing plans from which we'll help you customize one to suit the property and your budget.It's also your choice how to sell your home. We'll discuss with you the best method that suits you and the property whether For Sale,Tender or Auction.It's our job to make the sale of your home a rewarding experience.