EPF Withdrawal
When Can You Withdraw Your EPF Savings?

Although your EPF savings are for your retirement, this does not mean that you cannot withdraw your savings prior to retirement. The EPF provides various withdrawal schemes for its Members. They comprise Pre-retirement Withdrawal plans and Retirement Withdrawal plans.

Pre-retirement Withdrawal

Pre-retirement Withdrawal allows members to withdraw parts of their savings *before *they reach their retirement age. It is aimed at helping members to prepare for their retirement.

Retirement Withdrawal

Retirement Withdrawal, on the other hand, allows members to withdraw all their savings after they reach their retirement age. Apart from these withdrawal schemes, members can also participate in an Investment plan.

Types of retirement plans that the EPF provides include:

- Age 50 Years Withdrawal
- Age 55 Years Withdrawal
- Withdrawal to Reduce / Redeem Housing Loan
- Incapacitation Withdrawal
- Leaving Country Withdrawal
- Health Withdrawal
- Education Withdrawal
- Pensionable Employees and Optional Retirement Withdrawal
- Members' Savings Investment Withdrawal
- Withdrawal to Purchase a House
- Withdrawal to Build a House
- Withdrawal Of Savings Of More Than RM1 Million
- Housing Loan Monthly Instalment Withdrawal
- Death Withdrawal